West Coast Pipe is the national distributor for General Sealants GS-79 Extruded Butyl Rubber Inside Mortar Lined Steel Pipe Joint Sealant. This material is used in lieu of cement mortar on the inside joints of small diameter cement lined steel water pipe. It is NSF approved and certified to ANSI/NSF 61 for Domestic Water.  

GS - 79 Extruded Butyl Rubber Pipe Joint Sealant

  GS#79 is an extruded butyl rubber sealant in rope (bead) or tape form, for use with mortar lined steel pipe as flexible rubber interior pipe joint sealant. Its structural integrity and workability allows it to easily conform to pipe joint areas.  
  • National Sanitary Foundation certification of GS#79 conforming to requirements of ANSI/NSF
    61-Drinking Water System Component.
  • Permanently flexible, non-shrinking; extreme water and corrosion resistance.
  • Very high cohesive strength; taking expansion and contraction forces within the sealant, with the adhesive surfaces remaining bonded.
  • GS#79 is 100% solid, no oils or solvents are used in the manufacture of this compound.
  • Easy to apply. Ready to use, cold applied. Preformed in the size and shapes required. Factory compounded and formed for fast application, no mixing or fabrication required.
  • No special tools required; no waste during application.
  • Self-bonding with pressure to most clean dry surfaces. No curing time required.

Surface should be clean and dry to begin with. Apply by hand pressing into place with the inner-liner paper still on the sealant. After sealant is in place, the paper may be easily removed. Be careful that no oils or grease are present on the bonding surface before application of GS#79.

Nontoxic to normal skin, but wash hands before eating; Do not take internally.

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